Marcos Weskamp: Habitat Perspectives

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    Habitat Perspectives


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Artist Statement:

    The idea behind Habitat Perspectives is visualizing spatio-temporaly the places we inhabit. Viewers can follow the participants live, post­ ing imagery to this application from the road through GPS-enabled mobile devices. The goal is to conceptualise how the perception of the city differs from participant to participant, depending on their everyday habits. In the beginning, a black background will predomi­ nate in the application, but as pa icipants post more and more con­ tent, a map of the city, and the map of each of the participants “places” will slowly emerge.

Technical Information:

    Pa icipants post GPS-coded pictures from cell phones The images are plotted in a web application, slowly building the participant’s particular view of the city.
    Technical requirement: Macromedia Flash Player 6 or higher.