Marjan Moghaddam: Adoration of Gas Tank

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    Adoration of Gas Tank


Creation Year:



    3D CGI output to archival digital C-print (luminage process output to Fuji crystal archive paper)


    40 inches x 32 inches x 4 millimeters



Artist Statement:

    In the Adorations series, computer-generated 3D female humanoids explore the pictorial space of classical painting, seeking their origins as representational and Euclidean visual constructs. As basic homunculi with their own inherent fractal and procedural dermal pigmentation, they return our mesmerism of screen-based artificial realities with adorations of their own evolutionary origins in machines and cultural artifacts that defined our shift towards Post Humanism.

    In Adoration of Gas Tank, the tank is loosely based on the gas tank of a 1967 Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, one of my favorite bikes. It sat on my lap, and occasionally on the table, as I modeled it on the computer. When I finished, I held the gas tank in my arms. It felt comfortable and nice to embrace. Another post-humanist, machine-based extension of our bodies, the digital entity finds and adores … Faster Pussycat…

    The print-based images are entirely computer-generated and make no use of scanned elements. The scenes consist of computer-generated 30 virtual environments, with high-density geometry, that are rendered at high resolutions for output to archival digital C-prints (200MB per image). The entities and their associative “space” are mapped with high-resolution fractals and procedurals that define the self-similar patterns of their non-material informatics realm. The digital C-prints are cold-press mounted on anodized aluminum, matted, and framed with acid free materials and plexiglass.