Mark Koven: Female Gape #3

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    Female Gape #3



    3D animated lenticular photography on aluminum


    70" x 43" x 10"


Artist Statement:

    Employing tactical media, I work to create situations where the viewer is unknowingly shifted from observer to participant. Inclusion of individuals and assimilation of the audience are meant to create both a personal and group experience where distance between art and audience is physically as well as metaphorically diminished. Additionally, viewer immersion is meant to affect perspective and desta­bilize preconceived expectations of social mores, political structure, and power. Using media ranging from photography to sound, film and video, sculpture, and installation, my work envelops the viewer into an experiential space where interaction becomes unavoidable. The result often removes participants’ control. They are forced to make choices: the people in the know are put in positions of power and forced to choose among helping others, doing nothing, or taking advantage of their positions. Content often incorporates concepts of world events in combination with aspects of human interaction rang­ing from family, politics, and religion to simple daily activities such as eating, working, and playing. By incorporating time-based media, sound, and performance, I examine the nuances of human reaction, communication, experience, and memory.

    This series is intended to create both a voluntary and involuntary interaction on the part of the viewer. The voluntary aspect usually takes the form of swaying, bobbing, and walking back and forth in front of the piece in attempts to animate it, while the involuntary aspect of the interaction becomes, for example, capturing a viewer’s yawn.

Technical Information:

    Employing 3D animated lenticular photography, this piece utilizes computer software to register and interlace sequential stills. Once the multiple images, numbering anywhere from four to 60, have been processed, they are output using inkjet printing. These are than adhered to a sheet of multiple lenses to create the 3D and animated effect. The final assembly is laminated to the convex aluminum sheet.