Mark Millstein: Kite Form: Chrome Bowl

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    Kite Form: Chrome Bowl



    2D imaging, inkjet print on kinwashi, bamboo


    46" x 44"


Artist Statement:

    These kite forms are from a continuing series that uses warping and distortion to explore symmetry, form, and (more recently) photo­graphic illusion. In this recent set, I am trying to broaden my use of collected photographs as material for surface design. Images are accrued from objects and materials set up in a familiar environment.

    I am also interested in the growing fusion of new technology with traditional materials. The form of each kite is developed by manipu­lating and morphing a version of a more traditional shape, which is built and placed in imaginary space. With software tools, it is broken into sails, then tilted, inflated, and skewed as if it were affected by flight and wind. The frozen form itself speaks of a three-dimensional depth, and it is wrapped with imagery that suggests additional per­spectives on volume, construction, or reflection, for example.

    At close range, it is easier to see the inherent dichotomy of image and surface. The images are detailed and sharp. The primitive paper is rough and fibrous. Additional surface reflection, line, and gesture are imposed by the content of the material. Furthermore, the practice of breaking out of the frame and across adventurous materials always inspires further investigations of space, form, and realistic manipulation.

Technical Information:

    These kite forms are inkjet prints on paper. Images are digital pho­tographs of gathered and set-up objects. The camera is a Canon EOS Rebel XT. The computer is a PowerBook G4. Image design and editing software is Adobe Photoshop CS2. The printer is an Epson Stylus Pro 4000 with Ultrachrome pigmented inks. The paper is Japanese kinwashi pre-coated with Ink-Aid Type II, and it is backed and supported with pigment-dyed matchstick bamboo.