Mark Millstein, Masashi Nishimura: EVOLUTION

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    Algorithmic image


    23.386" x 16.535"


Artist Statement:

    It is well known that the law that made form appears in plants. It is a manifestation of the locus of growth and proof that life is present. It is the result of continuing evolution since life first appeared on earth, and it attracts other living things.

    This work imitates and becomes part of the law of nature. Its essence is obtained from natural objects, but it creates nature artificially. It is a flower created from O and 1 that can be seen only on the screen and on paper. It is an imaginary plant. In nature, this plant does not exist and cannot exist.

Technical Information:

    I create the form that I used for this image by describing procedures to transform using a vertex constituting a curve and a sphere, and applying it. I find a direction and size, length, the number of thorns that grow from a coordinate of a vertex of form. The form decided the textures and colors. Lighting became the artificial expression instead of textures like a plant.