Martin Howse: Artificial Paradises

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    Artificial Paradises


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Artist Statement:

    Within the self-created genre, that of the “physical digital,” “Artificial Paradises” is the first total system for cross-media data generation re-working of the computer as a symphonic, balletic environmental system; as a body without organs.

    It returns the computer to its true architecture, with systematics made evident and visible rather than divided up according to the needs of capitalist economics; multiple discordant applications and file formats existing in dead time – waiting for automated human input.

    Against this we propose the unlimited, the future, and the true artistic use of technological structures.

    This system is modular and extendible, approachable from any number of viewpoints which make it difficult to pin down here.

    The full modular system is made up of an ever increasing number of salvaged 486 computers and pentium machines (currently 12), analogue sound modules, camera control, video and audio input/output modules, record and tape player modules, and process nodes.

    The system premiered in performance with three protagonists at the Interferences festival in Belfort, France in December 2000. The networked nature of the project means that the system is I constantly expanding, with new modules being added to its basic I architecture. These will include film-transfer modules and additional record player control modules.

    Most of the hardware is custom-built and all software on which the system runs is custom coded in C and assembly under the GPL license.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    The Dolphin