Masa Inakage: Conscious

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Creation Year:



    iris print


    95 x 60 cm



Artist Statement:

    I have always been interested in expressing my current emotion. My recent work expresses small emotions that I feel in everyday life and my feelings about various news and events happening around the world. Our technology-driven civilization causes many problems and distortions within society, including separations between the rich and poor, racial problems, education, and other things. People create rules and laws, but still, our society is not perfect, and there are people who are disadvantaged because of those systems.

    My visual style integrates surrealism and abstract imagery. This work depicts the complexity of memory and how one memory relates to another memory. Memories are referenced to make decisions in our daily lives.

Technical Information:

    The work is produced by deforming 3D models by recursively twisting and bending. These models are placed in 3D space, with 3D StudioMax and my own proprietary software, creating an interrelationship between the objects. The images used for textures and reflection maps are rendered by ray tracing to create the metallic quality. In addition, bump maps are added to the surface to enhance the visual complexity

Process Information:

    Step 1: Deforming an object. A complex object was achieved by deforming a 3D object (image 2).

    Step 2: Adding textures. Textures were produced by a complex process of rendering and image-processing algorithms. The following texture is a sample of the textures used to create the artwork. Textures were used as both image maps and reflection maps to produce the image (image 3).

    Step 3: Recursively twisting the object. By recursively twisting and bending the object, a visually complex and appealing object was achieved (image 4).

    Step 4: Object layout. Many deformed objects were created, then translated, rotated, and scaled for layout in 3D space. The layout process was completely intuitive (image 5).

    Final: Completed artwork. After many iterations of this trial-and-error process, the artwork, Conscious, was completed.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Keio University

Other Information:


    1: Step 1
    2: Step 2
    3: Step 3
    4: Step 4

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