Michael Field: HellFire III

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    HellFire III


Creation Year:



    Photographic paper


    20 inches x 20 inches



Artist Statement:

    Technically speaking, the images I create are realizations of symmetric chaotic dynamics. Although at first sight, “Designer Chaos” seems an unlikely prospect, the reality is that chaotic dynamics often have great statistical regularity. My pictures represent that regularity.

    “HellFire III” was created using methods based on random dynamical systems. Characteristically, random dynamical systems often produce images that possess complex textures while deterministic dynamics result in significant edge data and fine detail. For some examples of images constructed using deterministic dynamics, see my Web page (nothung.math.uh.edu/-mike/ag).

    Symmetry imposes a unity and harmony on a design. The particular symmetry type used in the design can also have a psychological and physiological impact. “HellFire III” is a two-color repeating pattern: symmetries of the pattern either preserve or reverse colors. The three-dimensionality of the design is characteristic of certain types of two-color design. Different symmetry types can lead to different effects and illusions.

    I have developed the programs used to design and color “HellFire III” over the past twelve years, and from time to time, I use the programs as the basis of an Art and Design class at the University of Houston.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    University of Houston