Michael Filimowicz: Cursor Caressor Eraser

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    Cursor Caressor Eraser


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Artist Statement:

    Cursor Caressor Eraser is an installation and online artwork exploring the erotic image and the seductive potential of tangible interfaces.

    Cursor Caressor Eraser is an interactive installation and net artwork contemplating the erotic image and themes of sensuality in time. Caressing gestures of the interactors produce erasures of digital photographic imagery, resulting in visual palimpsests. These erasures thematize temporal dialectics of touch and bodily encounters with others, such as forgetting and remembering, or recognition and strangeness. A simple gesture-a stroke across a couchpad or the movement of a mouse-creates a series of rich variations of bodies in change. In the installation, interaccors couch and caress a sculptural, sensitive interface that has been derived from body molds-casts of the body arranged as a “landscape” to be explored by the interactor.