Michael Takeo Magruder: data_cosm

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    Web-based: HTML + VRML + Flash7 + Java


Artist Statement:

    Data_cosm is an examination of the chronological archives gener­ated by news media and of the dynamic information structures that mediate this process. Each day, the artwork deconstructs and reas­sembles the BBC’s internet news service into a continuously evolving 3D realm populated with multiple viewpoints. In the physical gallery space, the construct appears as a “painterly” expanse, whilst online, the visualization of the artwork is that of a tactile “sculptural” form.

Technical Information:

    The artwork is created though a hybridization of HTML, VRML, Flash, and Java code-sets. The core “world” is defined via a morphing VRML structure with embedded Flash textures. Both the VRML and Flash elements communicate via client-side scripting (JavaScript and Action-script respectively) to a continuously expanding server-side database (located on www.takeo.org). This evolving data set is generated by a Java program that deconstructs the BBC’s internet news service (www.bbc.co.uk) in real-time. These data are pulled into the 3D skeletal framework and the final “world” is thus assembled.

Other Information:

    Arts Council England and King’s Visualisation Lab, Centre for Com­puting in the Humanities, King’s College London