Michael Wright: Cowboy

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Creation Year:



    Ink on paper


    47 inches x 37 inches x 1.5 inches


Artist Statement:

    My work looks to represent the spiritual forces behind surface appearance. I believe that there are keys to the understanding of nature, the universe, and humans’ place in it. The balance between Yin and Yang and binary math is no coincidence. I choose to see the Universal in, as they say in Zen, “the thousand and one things around us.” I’m continually in a state of awe at our place in the universal scheme of things. My work attempts to reflect that awe.

Technical Information:

    I choose to work with video imagery at low resolution because the familiar “TV Eye” permeates our culture. I usually have an idea, but it’s most likely to be a vague idea, which gives
    me the freedom to find unexpected depth and layered meaning in the work. I don’t seek. I find. It is really a question of perception, in the sense that all visual art starts with the eye. A visual artist spends an entire lifetime developing unique visual eyes or views of the world. The computer is the perfect post-modern tool/medium, because it allows one to explore and create images that are soft, deconstructed information, layered, appropriated, multi-dimensional, almost as fast as one thinks. The changes in the image over time are
    represented as artifacts. The most challenging aspect of creating digital images is making sure that the art will transcend the hardware and software. I would like people to respond to the image, not how it was created.