Michele Rund: SYZYGY

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Creation Year:



    Approximately 13 in x 19 in



Artist Statement:

    As a traditional artist, my primary focus has been on portraiture. When I discovered the drawing tablet, I shifted this focus over to my digital artwork. Although the work has remained thematically similar, working within the digital realm has brought new dimensions to these drawings. Many stages of each drawing can be preserved and saved. As a result, the process is no longer lost when the drawing is finished. In some cases, the early stages of the works are ultimately presented as the “finished” pieces. In addition, details of each drawing can even stand as pieces of their own. Within this particular series, each piece has a detail that is paired with the original to become a diptych of sorts. The included details have been intentionally manipulated to exaggerate the “digital artifacts” within. I feel this process brings an element to the work that is exclusive to digital creation.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Purdue University