Monika May: Out My Window

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    Out My Window


Creation Year:



    28 in x 40 in



Artist Statement:

    In Out My Window, a 3D forest induces the viewer to question its source. This work tests the fundamental perceptions of reality. Nature can be beautiful and enchanting. A challenge is to replicate this beauty in digital format and to capture the “soul” of nature electronically. The piece began as part of a masters thesis for a colleague. Originally named, Forest on Sulear Prime, over time the piece evolved to be purely an artistic endeavor. It was built using models, procedural trees, and texture maps.

    An interesting response to the piece is that some people assume it is a photograph. However, on an unconscious level they realize it cannot be a natural scene, as it has no depth of field. I feel this work does meet a basic condition of being hyper-real. As I continued working on Forest on Sulear Prime, it was enlarged and output as a “photograph” for a client, who encouraged me to print it large. I continued to manipulate it and changed the name to Out My Window. I still continue to change elements of the work and make new versions.