Murat Germen: Reading the Space as an Entity – Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, Italy

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    Reading the Space as an Entity - Galleria Vittorio Emanuele, Milan, Italy



    Panoramic photography


    30" x 10"


Artist Statement:

    One of the main characteristics of panoramic photography is its abil-ity to let one perceive the object, subject, and space of interest as an entity in relation to their surroundings. Many details on the periphery that would normally be left out in single frames become centralized in panoramic photography. As a consequence, you end up with a particular life form of its own kind, which turns out to be the synthesis of individual forms, in other words a sui generis situation. This unique narrative can be extended to cubist works and Ottoman miniatures where unrealistic multifaceted descriptions can be observed. It also reminds us of Piranesi’s drawings depicting complicated, interwoven three-dimensional worlds.

Technical Information:

    This photo was captured by a digital camera (Canon EOS 5D) and stitched together using the software called Autostitch. After the stitching process, the image was retouched in Photoshop for color correction. Though some of the images in the series were later turned into OTVRs, all of them were kept and printed as panoramic photos, since the above mentioned multi-faceted “cubist” quality was much better preserved in this particular format, as opposed to OTVR.