Myron W. Krueger: Hanging by a Thread

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    Hanging by a Thread


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    Interactive Installation



Artist Statement:

    Since 1969, I have been trying to raise interactivity to the level of an art form as opposed to making art work that happened to be interactive.

    From the beginning, I reasoned that interactivity would be limited by what the computer knew about the participant’s behavior, and I developed specialized computers for perceiving the human body. I have also incorporated the image of the person’s body into the computer graphic images.

    In general, I have stuck to the premise that everything that happens should be a direct response to the participant’s actions. However, within that discipline a number of different kinds of pieces can be developed. One family of interactions I think of as two- or three-dimensional “mini-media,” which visitors can use to create their own dynamic artistic expressions. Others involve two or more participants in different locations who interact with each other in the same virtual space either as a spontaneous interaction or as a live performance.

    Although 30 years have passed, interactivity is still beginning. Many of the preliminary ideas I started out with are still unrealized, and more advanced concepts are waiting to be invented.