Özge Samanci, Gabriel Caniglia, Adam Snyder: Fiber Optic Ocean

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    Fiber Optic Ocean


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    Interactive art installation


Artist Statement:

    Fiber Optic Ocean is a data driven interactive installation that composes music. This installation creates unique musical scores dependent on live data. Fiber Optic Ocean conveys the consequences of technology’s invasion of oceans.

    The piece procedurally composes music made with trombone and choral voices generated by live data coming from the live sharks and human use of internet. The group of fiber optic cables going through the sharks blink at a rate based on speed of live sharks tracked with GPS data. Fiber optic threads composing the ocean blink based on the speed of the internet, symbolized with the number of tweets per second.

    Human beings’ selfish invasion of nature expands to the depth of oceans. Underwater surveillance cameras are revealing that sharks are drawn to fiber optic cables and biting down on them. One theory is that the magnetic field around the fiber optic cables is stimulating the receptors in sharks’ mouths and luring them to perceive the cables as prey.

    The current struggle between sharks and technology corporations is a pristine symbol of the ongoing conflict between nature and culture. The two sides clash nose to nose on a thin fiber optic line.