PDA Engineering, C. Hayden Hamilton: Aluminum Wheel Modeling

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    Aluminum Wheel Modeling




Artist Statement:

    In the process of designing the automobile wheel shown in this sequence of illustrations, the designer used lines and areas as primitive forms to construct solid elements. These elements were combined to create more complex solids. Negative solids were created as “tools” for fashioning holes. Note also, that lines that would be hidden from view in a solid object are removed, a relatively easy thing for solid modeling software to do. These hidden lines can be visible if the user wishes.

    Modeling Performance
    Weight, strength, and other material properties can be associated with a geometric model of an object so that performance characteristics can be predicted. Finite-element modeling and analysis are used to simulate the performance of mechanical components under load, and to indicate how they would deform or fail. Designs can be optimized much more efficiently in this manner, before prototypes are built.

Technical Information:

    Digital Equipment Corp.
    VAX 11/780 Computer
    Raster Technologies Model
    One/25 Display Processor

Process Information:

    Solid Modeling

    Solid models are complete representations of objects. An object’s volume, center of gravity, and other material properties can be calculated.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    PDA Engineering