Peter Hardie: Light On Water

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    Light On Water


Creation Year:



    Art & Design


    Length 3:20


Artist Statement:

    In these short animated sequences, the primary intent is realising the sensations evoked by the play of light on water. T he colours and shapes generated by the movement of waves and ripples, the changing su ace of reflections, the light bouncing o the water’s surface.

    The works explore the area between realism, exploring the tools now available in a 3D computer animation system for these purposes, and abstraction, looking at the aspects of colour, form, and movement.

Technical Information:

    The prima tool used in making “Light on Water” was So image XSI. It was used to:
    • Construct the scenes.
    • Colour and texture the scenes using procedural displacement,
    transparency, and colour textures.
    • Create material prope ies such as the reflectance of the water surface.
    • Light the scenes, including generation of caustic light off the water surfaces.
    • Composite separate layers of images together.
    • Render the final images for the animation sequences.
    Adobe Photoshop was used to paint houses, trees, boats, and sky images for the reflections.
    The work was produced on a Dell PC. The sparkles in the “Sparkle Sea” sequence used the Glimmer Shader developed by Andy Hayes at Bournemouth University.