Quintin Gonzalez: Ghost of Time

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    Ghost of Time


Creation Year:



    27 in x 31 in



Artist Statement:

    The narrative image in my work represents the marking of surface kinetics to create an impression of movement on the picture surface. The governing issue in my work is the analytic configuration of visual substance. I have done this through the rigorous building and development of an extensive vocabulary of traditional and electronic formal elements. This allows for an abstract art that uses repetition of both traditional and electronic forms to create vibrating compositional manipulations, designs, and distorted depictions of perspective. In turn, it forms motion on a two-dimensional pictorial space by deceiving the eye with a succession of visual puzzles.

    I seek a visual symmetry where an image’s explicit order may be created to unify vast and complementary elements of ever-evolving metamorphic structures. Multi-dimensional balance is the evoking of design that links technology to the mystical, thus the sacred. This imbues the visual arts with a means to be unfolded in a complete and ethereal way. These works emanate from both technological content and the natural world. This is the expression of an idea that is a physical manifestation from an internal response to existence. In these images, I have touched upon an art-making process that is as much talismanic as analytic. It is the relationship and exchange between artist, media, and tenet that creates the dynamics for individuality and vision.

    The expression of structure and narrative entails a rigorous commitment to the most actual depiction of what my art is when it exists within the temper of technology’s influence. The interaction of the computer with artistic expression represents the impact of the computer on aesthetics. This interplay between the analytical engine, traditional image making, and the poetic fuses the machine to the creation of beauty. I find the idea of digital aesthetics to be a unique and vibrant demonstration of the purpose of technology redefined. This new meaning of digital technology’s function is one where the machine serves an esoteric, spiritual, and often irrational purpose. This topic in my work ultimately represents interplay between the role of the artist and the role of the machine, a theme that also denotes an investigation into the question: “From where can aesthetics originate?”

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    University of Colorado, Denver