Ross Cooper, Jussi Angesleva: The “Last” clock: 14:25:18 pm, South Kensington

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    The "Last" clock: 14:25:18 pm, South Kensington


Creation Year:



    Digital print


    1 meter x 1 meter


Artist Statement:

    The “Last” clock is a record of the passage of time. It is like a familiar analogue clock. It has a second hand, a minute hand, and an hour hand. The major difference to a regular clock is that the hands of the “Last” clock are made from a slice of live video feed, and as they are rotated round the face of the clock, they leave a trace of what has been happening in front of the camera. The hands are arranged as concentric circles, the outermost being seconds, the middle one minutes, and the innermost hours. Thus, at any moment in time, the clock face displays the last minute, last hour and last 12 hours as it’s history. The video feed can be any live video source: A camera mounted on the clock itself looks at what is happening in front of it, and a signal from a remote camera is streamed over the internet, or a TV signal is fed directly to the clock. The clock can thus display local space, remote space, or media space respectively.

    Though the print captures from “Last” are taken at a specific moment, they show not just the moment, but also the past. They capture the rhythm of a space. The other benefit of the prints from “Last” is that they typically offer a resolution of over 5,000 x 5,000 pixels, so one can study the captured passage of time in far greater detail than on screen.