Ryoko Ueoka, Hiroki Kobayashi: Wearable Forest: Feeling of Belonging to Nature

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    Wearable Forest: Feeling of Belonging to Nature


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    bio-acoustic clothing


Artist Statement:

    Wearable Forest is bio-acoustic clothing that interacts with a remote forest using network technology. The intention of the project is to provide users with an opportunity to feel connected with nature regardless of their physical location. Wearable Forest introduces a new interactive sound system that creates a sense of unity between the user and a remote soundscape through remote-controlled speakers and microphones.

    Wearable Forest is conceptually based on human-computer biosphere interaction in that it uses wearable technology to enable bio-acoustical interaction with the subtropical forest of the southern Ryukyu Islands of Japan. The clothing uses embedded speakers, LEDs, an embedded CPU system, and a wireless connection to process and play acoustic data received from the forest. Sensors allow the user to transmit pre-recorded acoustic data back to the forest installation, creating a bioacoustical loop.