Seitz Yamamoto Moss Inc., Peter Seitz: SIGGRAPH Symbol

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    SIGGRAPH Symbol




Artist Statement:

    In designing the SIGGRAPH symbol on a turnkey interactive computer graphics terminal, the designer was able to experiment with a greater number of variations than would have been possible with traditional tools.

Technical Information:

    Dicomed D38, Imaginator and slide system

Process Information:

    Publishing and Print

    Publishing and print have been synonymous since the invention of moveable type. Computers and graphics first entered publishing as production tools. As digital communication media replaces print, traditional graphic design principles are being modified and applied to the design and presentation of such things as computer interfaces and programs. High-density image storage devices such as video disk, provide the capability to archive, access and traverse massive amounts of graphic and textual information. With these and other tools in place, the design of information for dynamic, two-way communication between a user and computer can result.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Seitz Yamamoto Moss Inc.

Other Information: