Sheriann Ki-Sun Burnham: Cape Flora

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    Cape Flora


Creation Year:



    Digital painting: Iris print


    28" X 28"



Artist Statement:

    Originally I produced mixed media paintings and wall constructions, combining traditional media with computer images. Most recently, my works have been paintings solely created on the computer. These works are a continuing exploration in the formal aspects of abstracted space and form. My paintings invite the viewer to explore this visual space, finding their own interpretation.

    Since an early age, I have been interested in the layering of pattern, tex­ture, and form. This fascination has guided me through experiments with watercolor, pen and ink, stone lithography, and ultimately the computer.

    Whether representational or abstract, I delight in the interplay between negative and positive spaces and the juxtaposition of geometric and bio­morphic form. With the computer, I can also enhance the visual complex­ity within these spaces. The computer’s immense texture and pattern-generating capabilities enable me to create images that cannot be created easily in other media. I believe the computer as an artist’s tool expands the imagination and extends the possibilities of what can be achieved in artistic expression. I hope the works represent a step in the development of computer art that utilizes the computer’s strengths, without losing the human touch.

    Using scanned images of anything from rice paper to previously photo­graphed computer textures, I create custom textures to paint with in Fractal Design Painter. The images in Ongoings are representative of a series begun in late 1994. I build images by mirroring and altering areas as I go along. These images are then used alone or as grounds for additional painting.