Sheriann Ki Sun Burnham: Tortuosity #59c

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    Tortuosity #59c



    Digital painting: Epson inkjet prints and acrylic on paper, over canvas


    36" x 36"


Artist Statement:

    This work represents the further evolution of my Tortuosity series. Whereas earlier Tortuosity paintings were monochromatic, recently I have been exploring color to reveal and emphasize previously hidden structures and details. With the addition of color, they seem to have come alive. Who knows if these floating clusters represent manifestations of inner or outer, micro or macro space. The forms ebb and flow, evoking something real, yet imaginary.

Technical Information:

    Discovering new ways to create larger structures with more densely packed complexity, smaller “elemental” units are now being combined to create larger units. These structures are then recombined using a variety of layering techniques to build up the intricate compositions. The imagery is created entirely in Adobe Photoshop, using a Wacom graphics tablet. The completed digital paintings are then output as inkjet prints and mounted for final presentation.