Myron W. Krueger: Somewhere Elsewhere

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    Somewhere Elsewhere



Artist Statement:

    Since conventional reality is already in abundant supply, there is no point in merely duplicating it with computers. Instead, we can explore new kinds of reality in which the laws of cause and effect are composed from moment to moment. In this piece, reality itself will be one of the performers. Two dancers, each in a VIDEOPLACE environment, dance together in a three-dimensional scene projected before the audience. At the same time, one of them is also dancing with a third dancer in a second VIDEOPLACE world projected onto a second screen. Thus, her performance occurs in two distinct contexts simultaneously. Every action has a different consequence and a different significance in each world. At times, the worlds themselves are created in real time by yet another participant sitting at the VIDEODESK.

    This performance is enabled by the loan of two VGX440s from Silicon Graphics Computer Systems and the loan of four high-resolution video projectors from Esprit Projection Systems. Katrin Hinrichsen provided engineering support for the project.