Starr Sutherland: ICKY FLIX: The Residents

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    ICKY FLIX: The Residents


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Artist Statement:

    “For the past 30 years, the Residents have always been among the first to take advantage of new technologies – reel-to-reel video in the early ’70s, MIDI in the ’80s, CD-ROM in the ’90s, with a half dozen others in between. And in many of these experiments, the Residents have used the advent of these new technologies as an opportunity to reinvent themselves – and rarely so clearly than in the case of their new DVD, ‘ICKY FLIX.”‘ – NY PRESS

    The idea for “ICKY FLIX” began as a simple “best of’ compilation and evolved into that and 35 minutes of new visuals by six new artists, plus 100 minutes of newly recorded Residents’ music mixed in 5.1 Surround Sound – all neatly packaged in a complex, animated interface. The work ranges from the early ’70s to 2000 – a history of the changes in computer graphics and video technology.

    With unblinking enthusiasm, The Residents are delighted that DVD technology makes it possible to deliver high-quality visuals and audio on a standardized, interactive platform.


    Additional collaborative artists were David Blum, Bill Domomkos, Doug Carney/H-Gun, and Rand Wetherwax. The DVD was authored at bitsweet/Video Arts in San Francisco. The DVD authoring team: David O. Weissman, Simon Pargeter, Michael Endlich, Bob Johns, Jesse Spencer, Don Stone, and Richard Winter. Additional Digital Mastering was done at Superior Street Post in Chicago.

Other Information:

    The Residents

    Starr Sutherland/Cryptic Corporations

    Interface Design
    Jim Ludkte

    Surround Producer
    Ron MacLeod