Stephen Burns: Memories of Life Passed By

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    Memories of Life Passed By


Creation Year:



    32 inches x 40 inches



Artist Statement:

    I like to challenge the viewer’s psyche by presenting the unknown. I combine the animate with the inanimate because we are inseparable from our environment and the energies that impact upon us. I use several unrelated images to create one Harmonious Chrome Allusion that is unique in form. Each work is made with no preconceived notion as to what the final image will become.

    The genesis of the chrome-allusion process went beyond merely eliciting an emotional response and aimed instead at the spiritual in art. In expressing the spiritual, I bring out an infusion of energy pulsating through, in, and around my imagery thus giving each creation a life of its own. Chrome allusion is about energy composed in such a way that the viewer senses in the work an embodiment of life on a rhythmical scale.

    Color is extremely important to me, because it can evoke certain elements in our psyches. By varying intensities and contrasts, a spiritual vibration is set up that can generate new awareness in the viewer. On a simple level, colors such as red might denote qualities like will-power, freedom, vitality, action, while blue could reflect love, spiritual enlightenment, gentleness, etc. If those qualities are accessed in the artwork, the viewer should relate to the work on more of a spiritual and psychological level rather than merely emotional. It is important that the viewer receives a harmonious experience. After all, the viewer is the end-product, and the goal of art is the stimulation of the imagination.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    University of California, San Diego