Susan Parker: Sunset3

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Creation Year:



    24 in x 36 in



Artist Statement:

    Sunrise and sunset, like breathing, are constant truths, necessary for survival and immensely uplifting to the soul. To combine these two events with the ocean has been my sanctuary. It is the universe’s finest place of worship; everyone is welcome.

    My images are visual representations of states of being I have experienced while in the presence of such beauty – joy, inspiration, serenity, bliss. Each image has embedded within a secret to unlock: How can I enhance what is already perfect? In the process, it is revealed.

    To be able to take three dimensions and flatten them, merging all layers in an instant, is a humbling exercise. In a moment, all is one again. 2D is a reminder of my temporary stay in this 3D form.

    To record and create is a gift. I am historian and artist. To share that, an even greater privilege.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Parker & Associates