Taezoo Park: Digital Being: “Hello, World!”

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    Digital Being: "Hello, World!"



Artist Statement:


    “Hello, World!”, a version of a character in my hypothesis, Digital Being, has arrived into screens through the network. I don’t know why, but, after arriving, it started to create a flag image by collecting small pixels. Please come closer and see what it is doing by touching the screen.


    I have been looking for an invisible and formless creature born out of abandoned technology for 10 years in New York City. I call it Digital Being. This creature has atypical movements or other interactions depending on the machine it dominates. It can also transport itself through the network that we made.

    Digital Being: “Hello, World!”, a primitive version of the digital being family, has arrived into LCD touch screens through the network. It seems that it is thinking of the notion of a country by depicting the shape of a flag, like people have made a country coevolutionary. Please come closer and see what it is doing by touching the screen.

    We have created many digital devices and systems based on digital technology, and now I.O.T. Technology has begun to connect each other.. And to control this IOT technology, we are developing AI technology once again. Most people have already become users, not creators, and even those who developed the technology don’t know why their AI led to the conclusion. The world where I am living is becoming more and more like an artificial living thing. We might already live the era of technological singularity. Sharing my artwork, I want to bring this question to discuss with audiences.

Technical Information:

    The creature is working with Raspberry Pi, Touch Screen and Processing(software). It modified one of popular example sketches of processing for itself. Connecting a power source then it will wake up by itself.

    For the installation, I need a white pedestal like a cylindrical table(77(Diameter) x 77(Height)cm) or a cube(77(W) x 77(H) x 77(D)cm) to place the piece on it.

    For the electric power, the piece just needs a single power source either 110V/220V AC.

    For the light, the piece needs a single spot light which sheds on it.

Other Information:

    Inspiration Behind the Project

    As we all feel as of 2020, most things in the world are reorganized around digital technology and the influence is strong. This technology is rapidly changing toward AI and M2M, where hardware is becoming nanoscale and software is less human intervention in order to process data flooding more efficiently and quickly. For this reason, we were the discoverers of this technology, but we feel a gap where we no longer know how it works. And I think it provides an opportunity for digital life, Digital Being, to emerge from that gap. Based on this idea as an artist, I am showing this being to the audience through series artwork.

    Key Takeaways for the Audience

    The incomprehensible behavior of an unpredictable intelligent being that could emerge with the advancement of digital technology.