Takashi Ikegami, Mizuki Oka, Norihiro Maruyama, Yu Watanabe, Akihiko Matsumoto: Sensing the Sound Web

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    Sensing the Sound Web



    Sound Installation


Artist Statement:

    The sound installation aims to bring artificial life into the real world. Environmental patterns, including human behaviors and wifi signals, are captured by a distributed autonomous sensor network (as an application of artificial life) to form a soundscape.

    The soundscape is a mixture of two different sound files. One with a chaotic but quiet ambient sound and the other with more noisy peaky sound. They are set to correspond to the ‘resting’ and ‘resonating’ states, respectively. When larger number of people come to the venue, the more number of sensor devices enter a resonating state. Or even without the people in the venue, the network spontaneously enters the resonating state when the environmental light becomes stronger. Visitors can sense the difference of the state by listening to the sound if they stay more than 10 minutes in the venue.