The Design Work: Radius Inc. 1990 Annual Report

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    Radius Inc. 1990 Annual Report



    Annual Report


    11 x 8.5


Technical Information:

    Hardware: Apple Macintosh II, Radius 19″ monitor and DirectColor with PrecisionColor calibrator and QuickColor accelerator, Mass Micro drives and car­tridges.
    Software: Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.


    Tony Hyun (designer and illustrator)
    Tony Hyun, Toni Hollander (art directors)
    Sollecito Photographer (photographer)
    Radius, Inc. (client)

Other Information:

    This annual report was designed and executed completely on a Radius Publishing System which consisted of a Radius 19″ color display, the DirectColor/24 Interface, and the PrecisionColor Calibrator. The Apple Macintosh llx computer was accelerated by a Radius QuickColor Graphic Engine. The photographs were scanned into a Scitex system and then converted to the Photoshop file format. Then they were retouched and enhanced with Photoshop, converted back to the Scitex format, placed in the Quark Xpress layout, and output to film via Gateway pre-press link.