Thomas Briggs: 50000 Attempts at a Circle

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    50000 Attempts at a Circle


Creation Year:



    Ink on Paper


    42 inches x 42 inches


Artist Statement:

    These images are discovered by exploring a variety of rule- and dynamic-based models for behavior. They exist on a continuum between randomness and order. The most interesting images are found at the brink of chaotic breakdown, or conversely, of strict mechanical repetitive structure. In either case, the ebb and flow of line density at a micro scale become fluidlike and gestural when viewed at a more macro scale. The intended engagement of the viewer with the artwork is a temporal one, where the large-scale structure of the image evaporates upon close inspection. These images represent an attempt to approach the tactile sensibility of traditional drawing, while utilizing computational methods to achieve a scale and a consistency of line that would be unobtainable by hand .