Tim Borgmann: fragment.0140.02b (‘Silhouette’) fragment.1207.0304.3 (‘Glint’)

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    fragment.0140.02b (‘Silhouette’) fragment.1207.0304.3 (‘Glint’)


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Artist Statement:

    The images of the fragment.series are an attempt to create dynamic forms and capture tension and beauty as they evolve. Creation of these images begins with a particle simulation. After defining conditions for the motion and behavior of the particles, I run a simulation and observe the process until I find a shape I am interested in. At that point, I freeze the shape and take it out of its dynamic context. Unlike real-life photography, I can easily change the simulation conditions, play the simulation forward or backward, in slow motion, or high speed, or I can orbit with the camera while searching for an interesting form or moment. I don’t plan the image. The product is the result of computation and some controlled manipulation.