Tony Longson: Cheetos 2

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    Cheetos 2


Creation Year:



    48 in x 48 in x 6 in



Artist Statement:

    This work is 3D, geometric, and procedural. It explores the boundaries (where interesting things happen) of visual space (chaos and order, structure and deconstruction, spatial and flat).

    Technology has been integral to the design and construction of my work since the early 1970s. A motive for making these constructions is that they are exciting to look at. They are not memorable in the sense that much of the iconic work of the 20th century is, nor can they be described in the way that conceptual art can be. They need to be experienced. They are visually stimulating in the way that optical devices such as telescopes or 3D glasses help us to see things differently, but in this case the art is both the device and the content. It has a strong spatial identity.

    The organization of the elements in my work is procedural, though that may not be obvious. Symmetry and recursion provide visual clues to the genesis of the work for those who want to explore.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    California State University, Los Angeles