Uro Designs: APO Knife

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    APO Knife





    10.5 x 1 x .5


Technical Information:

    Hardware: IBM RT/PC.
    Software: IBM Architecture & Engineering Series (AES).


    Greg Hicks, Jeff Hanna (designers)
    Bill Stumpf of Circle Studios, Santa Clara, Calif. (photographer)
    Uro Designs (client)

Other Information:

    The objective of this project was to produce an ergonomically correct and aesthetically pleasing multipurpose out­door knife. The design had to prove extremely durable and function equally as well underwater as it would on land. Additionally, only minimal grip strength would be required for it’s effective use. The extra thickness of the blade lends this design to a multitude of cutting tasks, including heavy duty chores. The grip design has proved to be of substantial benefit to individuals wearing gloves while working. Grip and pinch strength data were collected from fifteen individu­als. Additional observations were made with computer designed prototypes of this knife, while they were used to per­form a variety of underwater cutting tasks. Each APO knife is entirely handmade by Pat Crawford.