Uwe Rieger, Yinan Liu: LightWing II

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Artist Statement:

    The installation LightWing II was developed at the arc/sec Lab for Cross-Reality Architecture and Interactive Systems at the University of Auckland. Giving equal attention to both design aspects, the physical and the digital, the Lab explores user responsive constructions, where dynamic properties of the virtual world are an integral part of the built environment. Embedded in the School of Architecture, the Lab`s vision is to re-connect the intangible computer world to the multisensory qualities of architecture and urban spaces. With a focus on intuitive forms of user interaction, the arc/sec lab uses large-scale prototypes, installations and performances as the driving research method for both, the development and the demonstration of new hybrid design principles. The experiments at the Lab are aiming to make data “touchable”. The aim is to offer a cross-reality experience, which is rendered in real-time, interactive and designed to accommodate large audience numbers.

    LightWing II aligns with recent arc/sec projects such as LightTank (1.), LightScale II (2.) and Singularity (3.). It takes the audience into a dream like environment of awe and delight, (re)imagining spatial design and speculating on the future behaviour of buildings and cities.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    arc/sec Lab and University of Auckland

Other Information: