Vera Molnar: Interruptions

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    16.5" x 12"



Artist Statement:

    The image obtained by a painter using a computer stops being an accumulation of unknown badly defined forms and colours. It becomes instead a pattern of thousands of distinct, intermittent, and quantified points. The position in space, the colourimetric values of these thousands of points, are perfectly defined and numerically accountable. In this way, the painter controls each one of these points. At any moment, the artist is able to modify the value of one or several points, or even the total number of them. As a result, innumerable successive approaches (many sketches, to use the accepted history-of-art term) can be shown on the screen. Proceeding by small steps, the painter is in a position to delicately pinpoint the image of dreams. Without the aid of a computer, it would not possible to materialize quite so faithfully an image that previously existed only in the artist’s mind. This may sound paradoxical, but the machine, which is thought to be cold and inhuman, can help to realize what is most subjective, unattainable, and profound in a human being.