Victor Acevedo: The Lacemaker

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    The Lacemaker


Creation Year:



    Iris ink jet print on deckled-edge Somerset water color paper


    12" x 19.25"



Artist Statement:

    The Lacemaker is an homage to the famous same-titled 17th Century painting by Johannes Vermeer. The original photograph, taken on New Year’s Eve 1995, was not consciously posed. Acevedo caught his subject emulating the posture of the Lacemaker simply by happenstance. This synchronicity underscores his interest in everyday life as seen, recorded, and then digitally revisioned into a kind of metaphysical photographic archive.

    This is a figurative image about turning up the non-anthropomorphic channel. As to metaphor: energetic flux outside the polarities of comple­mentary opposites. In effect depicting a subject’s local electromagnetic, structurally resonant field. This depiction also doubles as a device that subdivides and interpenetrates the traditional photographic space with non-cubist spatial arrays. The corresponding ray-traced vertexial spheres provide an additional non-­Euclidean mapping of the pseudo­-molecular-model aggregate. This pictorial artifact facilitates the act of seeing in the present combined with flashback phenomena – remnants apprehended in an act of coding constellations of sensorial data. Nothingness in the interstitial space between figure and ground is effect given structure.