Vishal Dar: Project: Snake

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    Project: Snake


Creation Year:



    2 feet x 4 feet



Artist Statement:

    The paradigm shifts currently at play in contemporary art, architecture, and design are fundamental and inevitable, displacing many of the well-established conventions. Models of art and design capable of consistent, continual, and dynamic transformation are replacing the static norms of conventional processes. The predictable relationships between design and representation are abandoned in favor of computationally generated complexities.

    Project: Snake represents an incessant fluid process of mutation, deformation, and delirium, a dynamically changing form that is both surface and cavity, expressing the limitless in relative terms. The metaphor of the snake investigates experimental art and contemporary design inquiries that would explore the possibilities offered by digital processes akin to surfaces coupled with a variety of conditional experiences such as skin structure, enclosure, representation, ornamentation, perception, gender, and performance.

    As we continue to reduce the space of slippage between the plastic solidity of material and the ephemeral liquidity of light, imagination and matter begin to speak the same language.

Technical Information:

    The digital sculptures were produced with Alias | Wavefront Maya, and the data were processed through SURFCAM, then translated through the CNC milling process into sculptures using medium-density fiberboard. A large-scale sculp­ture was produced in high-density foam and converted into an acrylic mould through the process of vacuum forming.