Volker Kuchelmeister: Topography of the Unseen

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    Topography of the Unseen



Artist Statement:

    Topography of the Unseen offers a unique perspective on the Parramatta Girls Home, a former state-controlled child welfare institution situated adjacent to the convict-era Parramatta Female Factory in Sydney, Australia. Up until the early 1980s, ‘children at risk’ were held and subjected to unwarranted punishment and abuse. The film offers a reconstructed reality in its unique representational format. Photographic veracity is partly suspended in an uncertain and dissolute world of recollections. With one trend in CGI to generate ever more realistic depictions, this project takes a deliberate step back and makes use of a primitive reconstructed reality, the point cloud representation. It is to achieve a unique look, which in my view, is compatible with how human memory operates. It is mutable, reconstructed and fragmented.