Wei-Peng Kuo, Jian-Wun Jhemg, Chia-Hsiang Lee, Pey-Chwen Lin: Sympathist

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Artist Statement:

    The Sympathist is an exploration of scenery as imagined by our brains. In the digital age, we spend most of our time in cyberspace exchanging information and knowledge; we are more familiar with tools connecting us to cyberspace than to the real environment. Our five senses, originally meant to accept natural frequencies, have been altered by uncoordinated artificial frequencies, so that we are forgetting our original feelings. This work links the brain wave detector to virtual scenes and brain landscapes.

    The viewers embark on a journey the moment they put on the device, as detected brain data is immediately reflected on the virtual scene. With input from the audience, the device gradually delves into the deepest layer of consciousness. When consciousness loses itself in a trance, it quickly returns to a starting point of rationality. The brain wave detector enables us to let go of rationality and meander around our instincts and deepest memories.





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