William Jeffrey Dimattia: Soporific Souls: Sacrifices of the Holocaust Rediscovered

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    Soporific Souls: Sacrifices of the Holocaust Rediscovered


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Artist Statement:

    As a member of Generation X, I found myself confronted once again with the question: “Where is Generation X going?” I quickly returned with: “Where did Generation X come from?” I applied this question to myself and found that I did not have a clear understanding of my past.

    I did not understand the sacri­fices made by my family. I could not see the dreams for their children and their grand­children to one day stand tall enough to grab the illusive gold ring. How could I expect to balance myself and reach up toward that ring when I had nothing to stand upon?

    In order for me to move for­ward in my life, I found myself searching my past. I had to bridge the gap that time had forged between my ancestors and me. Within a few days, I realized that I can never completely stand on my own, because I will always stand on my family.

    After exposing myself to the past, I felt naked and mentally exhausted. I looked at my hands and knew many of the people who went before me. Two words remained with me: dignity and respect. My ancestors held their dignity high. For many that was all that remained. They deserve my respect. I believe that, in the end, we leave this world with little more than our dignity and the respect of our children.

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    Savannah College of Art and Design