Xiaohua Sun, Ping Jin, Lihong Lei, Nan Zhang: A Rhyme of the Tang Dynasty

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    A Rhyme of the Tang Dynasty


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Artist Statement:

    The main idea for this work is to use the performance of the dancer, the dancer’s shadow, and interactive real-time-generated graphics as equally important components in the visual composition. This is exemplified in different sessions of the work. For example, in the beginning section, two stripes are animated in imitation of dialogue with the movement of the water sleeves of the dancer. In the second section, graphics like smoke and waves are designed to express the essence of the dance in an abstract way. In the last section, the dancer “controls” her shadow to “dance” together with video captured from her dance and her shadow. Special attention was given to show the styles, patterns, and sounds that are characteristic of the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 618-907) of China.

Technical Information:

    Various types of audio/visual interaction techniques are used to generate music and graphics for the performance. Through analysis of the scene captured by a digital video camera, the amount of movement and the position of the dancer are used as parameters to animate two stripes that echo the movement of the water sleeves of the dancer. Those parameters are also
    used to generate abstract smoke and wave graphics and to adjust the music effects. Music and sound are used to affect the appearance of the wave graphics. A Wacom tablet is also used to generate graphics in accordance with the movement ofthe dancer.