Yasuo Ohba: Re:Anjyu

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Creation Year:



    940 milimeters x 660 milimeters x 340 milimeters


    Sanyo 40-inch multi-view auto stereoscopic display


Artist Statement:

    I created Re:Anjyu in the winter of 2001. At the time, it snowed in Yokohama every week, and I walked home on the silent street blanketed with snow while muttering to myself: “This wouldn’t work, and that wouldn’t do, either.” My memories of that period might have played a part in the creation of Re:Anjyu. All the works I’ve created so far are full of colors; in contrast, Re:Anjyu was finished completely in white. Based on the theme “weaving images and sound that ease our mind,” I created this white world, accompanied by piano playing throughout, in order to express feminine gentleness, warmth, delicacy, strength, and softness.

Technical Information:

    Anjyu, which was shown in the SIGGRAPH 2001 Electronic Theater, returns to give you a totally new experience. Every scene of the original movie was not updated but re-rendered into four images using a stereoscopic computing system built specifically for this purpose. Massive experimentation was conducted by engineers (my friends) of various technology areas: no-glasses 30 display technology, highperformance
    computing, and virtual reality. Fortunately, Sanyo’s 30
    displays not only give the sensation of depth, but also allow me to look around to the sides of the object and perhaps even its back.When the 30 images first appeared on the display, I felt like submerging myself in the world that I created. All the objects in Re:Anjyu appear as if they are living in another dimension. Yes, the true face of Anjyu is now revealed at last!

Other Information:


    Music: Tomoko Tatsuta (NAMCO)

    Special thanks to: Naohiro Saito (NAMCO) Motonaga Ishii (NAMCO) Atsushi Miyazawa (NAMCO) Gorou Hamagishi (SANYO Electric) Akira Yamazaki (SANYO Electric) Kei Tamura (SANYO Electric)

    In cooperation with: SANYO Electric C o.,Ltd. 30 C onsortium