Yayoi Yokoyama: Dancing

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Artist Statement:

    Dance is an artform using the human body. These works were made to reflect various dances. I think dance is the most beautiful when the movement of clothes and dancers match. My aim in presenting this work was to achieve rhythmical movement and varied beauty. The works submitted are images of ballet, flamenco, and a tango. Ballet is expressed as an exquisite movement in a solemn atmosphere, flamenco is expressed as passion, and tango as a bending and twisting of the body. The visual narrative is important to me – I try to create works which tell a story that delight and intrigue. There are a lot of mathematical forms in my works. The mathematical form is natural and integral to computational art. There are many strategies in computational work: some involve repeating simple designs or mathematical concepts, or a set number of iterations. I always feel that image making is all about a balance in proportion. I have found that the more I inform myself of these proportions the more they enter my intuitive creative process.