Yeoh Guan Hong: Shifting Nature

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    Shifting Nature



    Art installation: interactive media with real-time motion tracking


    10' x 12' x 15'


Artist Statement:

    Shifting Nature is an interactive installation that studies visual form and the influences of nature and technology on human art develop­ment. It seeks a deeper understanding of the relationships among humans, nature, and today’s technology.

    One of the aims is to create visual representations through technol­ogy that generate unique experiences for the audience. Another is to create a sense of involvement with, and enhancement to, our living environment. Ultimately, this project explored the potential of the emergence of art, design and technology. The outcome demon­strates the important of wilderness and natural processes.

    Nature is connected to our creative process and is one of the sources for artistic inspiration. Hans Hofmann (1880-1966) was a legendary teacher, painter, and catalyst of the Abstract Expressionist movement who influenced generations of artists across Europe and North America. He wrote the following in his Search for the Real and Other Essays: “Nature is the source of all inspiration. Whether the artist works directly from nature, from memory, or from fantasy, nature is always the source of his creative impulses … ” (B.Chipp., Herschel 1968, p.536)

Technical Information:

    Shifting Nature uses computer-interaction technology that tracks the movement of physical objects. It fundamentally replaces the computer mouse and keyboard. A camera-tracking system is used to track the position of the hands or body. With the aid of an infrared (IR) array and an IR cut-off filter, this system tracks moving objects precisely without any light interference from the environment. The tracking system also provides multiple-point interaction. Conse­quently, it allows dynamic interaction not only with individuals but with groups.