Yoshiki Nishimura: Transposition III

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    Transposition III


Creation Year:



    digital print


    13.2 x 147.9 inches



Artist Statement:

    This work is aimed at visualizing the movement I experienced in a certain environment. For example, it is difficult to perceive a flight path in the vastness of the space that is visible from a small side window of a jetliner at high speed. After landing, I have a peculiar feeling of looking back at a faraway landscape that the plane flew over just few minutes ago.

    In Transposition III, I intended to visualize this sort of unordinary movement in unfamiliar environments with a graphical method. A successive series of photo images is the basic structure of my work. These images contain some hidden information of space. With the help of 3D computer graphics, it becomes clear and we could find some very amusing things that never appear on photo images by themselves.

    In the continuous photo images of Transposition III, it is very difficult to grasp the spatial relations of clouds in the sky. By composing correct 3D graphical elements generated by a match-move software, these relations become exceedingly clear. Furthermore, the well-defined path of a camera makes it possible to show my real experience of flying movements in the world of 3D computer graphics.

    Transposition III consists of 13 sequential photo images combined with 3D graphics and some diagrams that present the flight path of an airplane. The sequence is the main theme of this work.

Technical Information:

    A series of photographs was taken from the side window of a commercial jetliner flying at high altitudes. The match-move software Mamoe was used to capture XYZ values of tracking points on these photo images. The camera path and parameters were also defined. These perspective-matched 3D data were imported to Softimage3D to reconstruct a virtual 3D CG environment that could consequently be composed on the original sequential photo images.

    Software: Mamoe, Softimage3D, Photoshop
    Hardware: Windows NT machine, SGI 02

Process Information:

    1. Some sketches were drawn to make my concept solid.

    2. Many sequential sets of photographs were taken from various moving objects, such as a revolving Ferris wheel, a commercial jetliner, a super express train, etc. These series of photographs were taken because parallax views were absolutely necessary for the use of the Mamoe match-move software, which calculates 3D space and locations of a camera.

    3. Transposition I and Transposition II were completed earlier. These preceding works have not been presented in public yet because both of them were not quite satisfactory.

    4. Lots of sketches were drawn for Transposition III.

    5. Using Mamoe for successive cloud images was extremely painful and tedious work. When 3D space is defined by Mamoe, fixed locations on photo images are generally used for tracking points. However, clouds in the sky kept changing their shapes and also shifting locations. To obtain satisfactory data, I had to overcome numerous failures.

    6. The 3D data calculated by Mamoe were imported to Softimage3D.

    7. Photoshop was used to combine the rendered images with the scanned photo images.

Affiliation Where Artwork Was Created:

    Tohoku University of Art and Design

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