Yuichiro Katsumoto: Turn Over

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    Turn Over



Artist Statement:


    Turn Over is a kinetic art that illustrate the change of human and society. Twenty four set of Y-shaped object, which means person in Chinese, turn on a flat surface and gradually makes various pattern.


    The Chinese character ““, which means a person, is similar to the alphabet letter “Y” rotated 180 degrees. When this character is arranged regularly in a lot on a surface, the lines of the characters starts to look like the boundaries of stacked cubes. Then, if one of these characters is turned 180 degrees, the orientation of one cube is also changed (For example, the top surface becomes to the side surface). This turn over of single character is too small to be noticeable. Sometimes it just seems a kind of contradiction or in-coherent. But when many characters turn at a time, it breaks boundaries and becomes a drastic change. This illustrates our change as an individual and a society.

Technical Information:

    This artwork consists of twenty four sets of drive unit, a microcontroller, Y-shaped objects, and a plywood. Each drive unit equips a stepper motor and a motor driver, and it can rotate in any direction and angle by microcontroller.