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Artist(s) Title Category Exhibition Image
Apostroph SIGGRAPH Asia 2015: Life on Earth Apostroph
CASE STUDY 9983 & 9983-B SIGGRAPH 2007: Global Eyes CASE STUDY 9983 & 9983-B
CD Prayer SIGGRAPH Asia 2018: Forcefields CD Prayer
Composition on the Table No.1 [PUSH], No... SIGGRAPH 1999: technOasis Composition on the Table No.1 [PUSH], No.2 [TWIST], No.3 [TURN], No.4 [SLIDE]
Deer Calling SIGGRAPH Asia 2018: Forcefields Deer Calling
Digital Being: TV Being-005 SIGGRAPH Asia 2018: Forcefields Digital Being: TV Being-005
Doors SIGGRAPH 2016: Data Materialities Doors
Echidna SIGGRAPH 2010: TouchPoint: Haptic Exchange Between Digits Echidna
exhale: (breath between bodies) SIGGRAPH 2005: Threading Time exhale: (breath between bodies)
I Touch You And You Touch Me SIGGRAPH Asia 2017: Mind-Body Dualism I Touch You And You Touch Me
Ijiros SIGGRAPH Asia 2013: Art Gallery Ijiros
Illy: a Primitive Intelligence DAC Online Exhibition 2017: Immersive Expressions: Virtual Reality on the Web Illy: a Primitive Intelligence
LED Kimono SIGGRAPH Asia 2009: Adaptation LED Kimono
Memoirs of the Blind SIGGRAPH Asia 2018: Forcefields Memoirs of the Blind
Mind and Body Environment SIGGRAPH 1995: Digital Gallery Mind and Body Environment
Mishka SIGGRAPH Asia 2009: Adaptation Mishka
Modern Video Processor SIGGRAPH 2014: Acting in Translation Modern Video Processor
Oasis: Tangible Visual Interface SIGGRAPH 2008: Slow Art Oasis: Tangible Visual Interface
Ornamental SIGGRAPH 2020: Think Beyond Ornamental
Pattern : Code DAC Online Exhibition 2020: Digital Power: Activism, Advocacy and the Influence of Women Online Pattern : Code
Plaster Patch SIGGRAPH Asia 2009: Adaptation Plaster Patch
Species Series SIGGRAPH Asia 2012: Echo Species Series
Telematic Drum Circle SIGGRAPH Asia 2008: Synthesis Telematic Drum Circle
Tentacle Flora SIGGRAPH 2019: Proliferating Possibilities: Speculative Futures in Art and Design Tentacle Flora
The Intimacy Machine SIGGRAPH 2008: Slow Art The Intimacy Machine
The Trees, Our Blood Vessels SIGGRAPH Asia 2012: Echo The Trees, Our Blood Vessels
TRANSDUCERS SIGGRAPH 2009: BioLogic: A Natural History of Digital Life TRANSDUCERS
Truce: Strategies for Post-Apocalyptic C... SIGGRAPH Asia 2009: Adaptation Truce: Strategies for Post-Apocalyptic Computation
Webmachine DAC Online Exhibition 2020: Digital Power: Activism, Advocacy and the Influence of Women Online Webmachine
Weburette SIGGRAPH Asia 2012: Echo Weburette