SIGGRAPH 2008: Design and Computation




Los Angeles, California, United States of America


Aug. 11th-15th, 2008

Art Show Overview:

SIGGRAPH 2008 presents the first SIGGRAPH exhibit on the topic of design and computation. The exhibit illuminates the intersection of these two themes:

  • Analytical and generative methods for design. This theme examines work in such areas as cellular automata, shape grammars, parametric design, fractals, and related topics. It explores analytical and generative grammars that connect the past and future, bridging vernacular with contemporary examples.
  • Design and digital fabrication technologies. This theme focuses on artifacts from various design disciplines (from jewelry design, textiles, and furniture to large-scale sculptures and architectural spaces) developed with digital fabrication technologies.

The SIGGRAPH 2008 design and computation exhibit provides multiple layers of engagement, from representational (for those interested in the aesthetics of artifacts) to speculative and philosophical, and addresses several different facets of the SIGGRAPH community.


Exhibition Artworks: